Wingfoiling Lessons

Professionally structured lessons for all levels of wingfoiling

Wing foiling is the latest water sport to hit the globe. It’s fun, easy and anyone can do it.
Here at Pacific Watersports, we have come up with the right program to get you up and
going in the safest and fastest way possible. Whether You’re an experienced wing foiler
looking to hone your skills or a complete beginner, we are here to help.

Wingfoiling Yorkeys Knob

Beginner Lesson Program

Lesson 1

Your first lesson is a great introduction to the sport. In this lesson we focus on learning to foil just with the the board. In this lesson we use an inflatable standup paddleboard with the wing to give you a feel of what it is like to control the wing.:

  • Introduction to equipment
  • Location and conditions
  • Teach basic foil skills using StandUp Paddleboard.  

Lesson 2

This lesson consists of the following:

  • Introduction to the hydrofoil board and hydrofoil.
  • Wingfoiling with the hydrofoil


Lesson 3

This lesson is all about putting it all together. In this lesson we take the board and hand wing out on the water and teach you how to put the skills you learnt in the previous lessons into action using the wind to pull you through the water on the board. This is the first step in becoming an independant wing foiler.

Cairns Wingfoiling
Wing foiling Yorkeys Knob

Who Can Do It.

Anyone can do wing foiling! Wing foiling is truly for everyone from the kids to the grandad.

Where To Do It

The great thing about wing foiling is you can do it a lot of different conditions. It does depend on your level, but there are definitely far more options compared with kitesurfing when it comes to wing foiling. Lakes, wide rivers, open ocean and bays are all great for wing foiling. Even gusty offshore conditions become an option when you have a bit of experience under
you belt