The World Fastest Growing Watersport

What is Wingfoiling?

Wingfoiling, also known as winging, wing dinging or wing surfing, is like nothing else.  It is the art of riding a hydrofoil while using the power of the wind to propel you with a hand held wing. The beauty of wing foiling is that the wing is not fixed like a windsurfing sail but can be fully powered or depowered at your will.

Wingfoiling is a watersport that can be done in all sorts of water conditions, from flat lakes to short chop to ocean swells.  The hydrofoil you use for winging is the perfect tool for gliding through the water and surfing all sorts of waves.

The cool thing about wingfoiling is that you can turn the power of the wind on and off.  If you suddenly decide that you don’t need any wind power, because you are surfing a wave, you can simply flag the wing out.  Flagging the wing out, or free winging is very popular for wingfoilers, as this means you go into surfing mode while winging.