The Paddleboarding Mindfulness Retreat

Come and Experience True Mindfulness

During the Paddleboarding Mindfulness Retreat, all of your worries, anxieties and thoughts will drift away. The purpose of this retreat is to allow us to connect with nature. Actually, the ultimate purpose is to become one with our world.

This is an on the water, full immersion mini retreat that provides techniques, encouragement and the perfect environment to allow you to experience the full power and joyfulness of “being mindful” while drifting on the waters of the beautiful Upper Barron river by Paddleboard.

Think of it as a complete escape from the day to day stress. You will also take home some valuable techniques for being mindful in your day to day life.

How To Register

What We Do

The retreat is structured, yet flexible. Here is an overview of what we do:

  • Introductions and greetings at the waters edge
  • Short meditation before heading out on the water
  • Introduction To Mindful Paddleboarding
  • Seated Meditation On The Paddleboards
  • Continue Paddleboarding And Exploring Nature
  • Fresh Fruits and Juice and Tea


What this Retreat is Not

This is not a chit chat session. The idea of this retreat is to really enjoy exactly what you are experiencing. There is so much going on in this present moment, but we mostly miss out on what is happening ,because our minds are chattering or we need to talk to ease discomfort.


Your Host – Andrew Bamford

My name is Andrew Bamford.  I am a lover of nature and simple living.  I like to practice meditation daily as I believe it the ultimate tool for true living in the powerful present moment.   This is my truth I want to share it with you on this peaceful retreat.

I welcome and encourage all to come and enjoy this liberating experience.


Meeting Arrangements

Coming up the hill toward Kuranda, turn right into Myola Road.  We will meet 50 metres up the hill on the right hand side at 2:45pm.  If you require a lift from Cairns we can pick you up at 2pm (free of charge).


What to Bring

Water, Hat. Cool Loose Clothing