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Cairns has a lot to offer in the way of paddle boarding. Paddle boarding has exploded all over the norther beaches. You can catch pretty much any wave on a paddle board, so the small waves we get in the far north are perfect for paddle boards. We also have amazing reefs all along the coast and there’s no better way to see them than to cruise along from above on a paddle board. We also have the Tableland at our door step. Lake Eacham, Lake Barrine and lake Tinaroo are all amazing stops to go paddle boarding, especially during the summer them it’s hot and humid.

Paddle boarding Cairns

Paddle boarding Cairns

Marine life

We are so blessed to have such diverse marine life in Cairns. It’s what makes paddle boarding in Cairns different from anywhere else. ¬†Double Island is probably one of the better coastal reefs in he area. Double island has a massive surrounding reef that is swarming with life. Cruising along the feef you are almost guaranteed to see turtles – they are everywhere. There’s also an array of fish, small sharks and rays. The coral along the reef is also breathtaking.

While Paddle boarding off Palm Cove Beach we often see pods of dolphins feeding in the bay. You will also see a lot of marine life along the coastal areas heading to Port Douglas.

Paddle boarding Cairns

Paddle boarding Cairns



We have a rage of different conditions suitable for paddle boarding in Cairns. During the winter we often get a lot of wind from the south east, so picking the right spot on those windy days is important. Kewarra Beach, Buchan’s point and Yorkeys Knob boat ramp are all great places to go to avoid the wind. They are also all good places in Cairns to go Paddle board some waves. The one good thing about the wind, is that it bring in some swell. Double Island is probably on of the best places to paddle board in the Cairns area. The conditions have to be right though. If t’s windy, don’t bother. But on those calm days, it’s unbeatable.


If you want to know more about paddle boarding in the Cairns area, just vista our website and give us a call or shoot us an email or go to our contact page.