If you’re looking for a great place for kitesurfing or looking for somewhere great to learn kitesurfing, kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob is one of Queensland’s most popular. The area receives consistent trade winds most of the year. The beach is a wind open beach with a river mouth at the south of the beach

Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob


Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob – conditions

The conditions at Yorkeys Knob are near perfect for everyone. It has near perfect flat-water at the river mouth. The wind speed during the dry season is usually between 15-25 knots. The prevailing wind direction during the dry season is form the south east. During the wet season the prevailing winds are from the north. These conditions are usually very hot and can attract box jellyfish, so it pays to wear stinger protection during these months. Seabreeze.com.au is the weather website you will find most people in the area use as their go to site for weather updates. Windguru.com is another reliable website worth checking out too.

Where do I go to learn to kitesurf at Yorkey Knob

When it domes to kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob, you really won’t find much better. The conditions are absolutely perfect for learning the sport. The winds are consistent and predictable. Kiteboarding Cairns and Pacific Watersports are your local kite schools in the area. These 2 schools teach at the high IKO levels an don’t try pushing you into doing big group lessons.

Kitesurfing Yorkeys Knob

How do I get you Yorkeys Knob’s kitesurfing area

If you are leaving from Cairns, it is very simple to get to Yorkeys Knob. Simply head north along the Captain Cook Highway and turn right when you see the sign for Yorkeys Knob. The rigging area is at the south end of Sims Esplanade on the grass. You can also catch a bus from Cairns CBD. Buses leave every half an hour.


Well there you have it. I hope this blog is of some use to you if you are new to the area or just looking at getting into the sport. It’s a very friendly welcoming vibe down at Yorkeys Knob. Any questions, feel free to contact us