If you’re looking for kitesurfing lessons Cairns is ultimate location! Well guys and girls, guess what? The kitesurfing season has just kicked off! So there’s no better time to to learn the sport. Here at Pacific Watersports we are your professionals when it comes to kitesurfing lessons.

When it comes to kitesurfing lessons Cairns has a lot to offer. We have a great range of different conditions for learning. The wind consistency throughout the season is simply incredible. The flat-water reefs and flat-water sand bars at the river mouths make it a fun and safe place to learn.

All of our kitesurfing instructors are IKO qualified and have years in the industry. Being avid kitesurfers ourselves, we are constantly trying to improve and develop our services.

Kitesurfing lessons Cairns

How to get your kitesurfing lessons started

Well your best bet is to at least sign up to 1 lesson to get a feel for the sport. In saying that, most people do one lesson, end up super addicted to the sport and end up booking a second anyway. Often the course options will also offer some kind of discount too.

Kitesurfing lessons Cairns – locations

Palm Cove, Yorkeys Knob, Double Island and Machans Beach are all great locations in the area. Check out this blog for information on the different locations.

Kitesurfing lessons Cairns

Kitesurfing season

The great thing about kitesurfing in Cairns, is that it’s like an endless season. The season officially starts in April and finished in November, but we often get consistent breezes all the way through (Machans Beach is probably the most reliable location in the offseason)

Windless days

Well you’ll never be short off things to do if by some chance there is no wind. We have the Great Barrier Reef at out front door and the oldest rainforest in the world at our backdoor. You can always hire a car from the friendly guys at Palm Cove Car Rentals and go explore the area that way. We have freshwater swimming holes and waterfalls littered everywhere, making it easy to find a nice chilled place to cool off.

Kitesurfing lessons Cairns

Accommodation close to the kitesurfing spots

There’s definitely no shortage of accommodation in Cairns. There’s heaps of hotels and resorts to choose from at all the beaches. For resort style accommodation, check out these guy http://www.oasis-palmcove.com.au They are definitely a great option if there’s a a few of you, because you can stay in luxury for under $60 per person.

Well thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any further questions regarding Kitesurfing in Cairns of anything Cairns really, feel free to shoot us an email of give us a call.