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Its Exciting and Safe when you do it the right way!

Lesson Structure

Here is a guide to your course. Please note that everyone progresses at different rates. Our main goal is for you to become an independent kiteboarder who is confident and safe.

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How Many Lessons Should I take

Everyone learns at their own pace.  But here are Pacific Watersports, we recommend taking 3 lessons.  For most people, 3 lessons is enough to get you independent.  Once you are an independent kiteboarder, you will be able to go out and practice kiteboarding by yourself.

Becoming a competent kiteboarder takes time, and the journey is worth it. The key is patience and enjoying the journey. Here is a standard outine of what to expect from your first 3 lessons with us.

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 is all about kite control.  These kites are powerful, so it is important to gain the skills, so that you control the kite, instead of the kite controlling you.

  • Location Analysis
  • Wind Effects, direction and speed
  • The Wind Window
  • Kite Setup
  • Emergency Release
  • Basic Kite Piloting Skills
  • Launching and landing the kite from the water
  • Launching and landing the kite from the beach
  • Emergency Self Landing on the Beach
  • Simulated Self Rescue on the Beach

Lesson 2

  • First Body Drag and Self Rescue
  • Body Dragging Down wind
  • directional body dragging
  • directional body dragging using the board as a keel
  • handling the board while holding the kite
  • Retrieving the board from upwind using directional boy dragging

Lesson 3

  • Water Start theory
  • Using figure of 8 to generate power to get on the board
  • First water start
  • Riding downwind for 50 metres
  • Riding while maintaining an edge
  • Riding in both directions

This is a guide to the first 3 lessons and is by no means a hard and fast rule.  Some people pick this up very quickly and can acheive everything in 2 lessons.  Others may take more than 3 lessons.  The main thing is enjoy the learning in a safe and fun way. 🙂