Kite foiling Cairns

Kite foiling cairns

Kite foiling is the latest craze in the kiteboarding world. But why? Simple Really, you get going in much lighter wind and it feels like you are on a riding magic carpet. That feeling of effortlessly gliding across the water cannot be experienced in any other sport.

How do I get started

You need to be at a comfortable level with your twin tip riding first. Then you have a few options.

  1. Find a friend willing to lend you their foil and give you a few pointers
  2. Buy a 3 stage foil and teach yourself
  3. Get quality lessons from an IKO instructor that knows the ins and outs already.

Going to a kite school is our recommendation. They can teach you those tricky fundamentals that seem so basic, yet most people forget and really struggle from the get-go.

Here at Kiteboarding Cairns, we have come up with a special lesson structure for our kite foiling students. We started the foil seen in Cairns, meaning we have been through and seen it all.


Different foils

Kite foiling Cairns

There a few different types of kite foils on the market. You have High aspect and low aspect wings. The high aspect wings are generally faster and a more sensitive to movement. The low aspect wings are slower and much easier to control when up on the foil, making it better suited to learning. Some low aspect foils also come in a 3 stage mast option. The idea behind this is you learn on a really short mast to get the feel of the foil being under the board. These short masts are usually around 400mm and will not really allow you to hydrofoil but will allow you to get your confidence up and a good feel for the sport. After you are comfortable on the 400mm mast, you can move on to the 600mm mast and then the 900mm when ready.

Overall Foiling is great fun and an awesome challenge for any keen kiteboarder. If you want to know more, shoot us an email or give us a buzz and we’ll be more than happy to help.