Kayaking In Palm Cove

In this article I will be writing about my experience kayaking in Palm Cove, and why it’s for everyone!


I recently went on a guided Double Island kayak tour with Pacific Water Sports. It was my first time kayaking (well I did it as a kid but I don’t remember much!) and at first I found it quite hard! I didn’t expect for it to be as much of a work out as it was! I soon realised how out of shape I am. But this didn’t stop me from participating in the tour. It just took a little bit of encouragement from my friends and our friendly tour guide Luke to get me motivated and a few glimpses of marine life to realise it would be worth the effort!


We set off from Palm Cove beach at 7am, hazy eyed and excited. It took us around 25 minutes to cruise over to the reef that runs along the front of Double Island. Here we saw a few turtles pop their heads above the surface, and some sting rays sweeping along the ocean floor. The water is so clear, and here we got a chance to relax and take in the surroundings. I was beginning to get used to kayaking in Palm Cove!


We then went around the other side of the island and relaxed on a coral beach there. We rested in the shade for a while and had some juice and fruit provided by Pacific Water Sports. Double Island is such a beautiful spot, and Luke told us a lot of interesting facts about the island and its history.


And then, because it was such a calm day and the tide was low, we were able to kayak into this cool cave! The conditions aren’t always right for this, but luckily they were on the day we went kayaking in Palm Cove!


We took our time heading back to Palm Cove, and I’m glad we did. We saw some Dolphins swimming not too far from our kayaks!


It really was a magical morning. The round trip took just over 3 hours, and we all returned to the main land happy and hungry- ready for a big breakfast on Palm Cove Esplanade. I was amazed that I managed it, at first I struggled, but believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!


Kayaking Palm Cove

A must do, we paddled out to double island and saw turtles, plenty of stingrays and even a few baby sharks!! Highly recommend!! A big thanks to Andy and Luke for taking us out and making our day enjoyable. Mike and Sarah

Mike And Sarah

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