Duotone Unit 2023

The wing we’ve all been waiting for! As soon as the team at Pacific Watersports and I  opened one of these wings up down the beach it was instantly turning heads. One of the big improvements for 2023 is the new canopy material Duotone have added to all of their wings. The new material is clearly much more heavy duty, resulting in better tear resistance and creating a more solid and rigid all- round feel.


Build Quality

With riders pushing it harder than ever before, build quality has been a big focus for all of the big wing brands in 2023. The Duotone Unit 2023 is no exception to this. They have added the new canopy material, beefed up and strengthened the areas around the solid handle system (that features on the Duotone Unit 2022 and 2023 wings) and added a thicker Flag-out handle for better control and durability.


There’s no doubt we have seen significant changes to all wings over the last few years. Being a very new sport, we have seen massive improvements to performance every year and there’s no doubt Duotone are at the forefront when it comes to research and development. Yet again Duotone have set the standard with their new Duotone Unit V3. The more rigid construction has added such a positive feel to the wing. The new Unit also tends to want to fly more into the wind meaning it has much better upwind performance, with a little less pressure on the back hand. Over all this wing is truly suited to every level of rider. It has plenty of power down low for learning, but at the same time it’s a jumping flagging machine. Well, I hope you found some of the information in this article helpful or interesting. If you are looking to purchase or demo any of the latest equipment, simply give us a bell on: 0466914200 or email us at info@pacificwatersports.com.au

Duotone Unit 2023..
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