Travelling across the sea from Pam Cove beach to Double Island by paddleboard or kayak is an amazing experience.  First of all, the conditions need to be right for this to happen. Thats why we always head over on nice calm days or first thing in the morning before the wind gets up. The first thing you see when you get to Double Island is the coral reef. It comes out of nowhere and with it, an abundance of marine life. 

Viewing Marine Life

Marine life can be viewed ver easily on these tours.  Paddle boarding is without a doubt the best way to see marine life as you travel over the ocean, but it requires more balance and fitness than kayaking.  Not only that, if the wind does get up, kayaking is more manageable.  When you are on a paddle board, your view of the ocean is about 1.5 – 2 metres high (depending on how tall you are), where as in a kayak you are elevated as around 1 metre. That being said, kayaking is still a fantastic way to view marine life.

Marine Life to be seen

If the tide is right and the conditions are clear, its not uncommon to see dozens of beautiful turtles and gliding rays.  This is a magnificent experience because your encounter with them can be very close. Here is a video clip of the sort of thing you might expect.

A great morning in the calm waters of Palm Cove First timers on stand up paddle boards , my two teenage daughters and I loved our morning on the paddle boards . Andrew managed to give us some good starting lessons and before too long we were confidently out in the deeper waters amongst the dolphins . We will do it again . Thank you



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Fabulous Instructors I have the most amazing experience learning to SUP with the guys at Paddleboarding Cairns. They introduced me to the sport in a logical way that made sense to me and had me standing up on the paddleboard in no time.



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