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73 Williams Esplanade
Palm Cove,
Cairns, Queensland 4879
Phone: +61413721999
Secondary phone: +61466914200

Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to the team at Pacific Watersports.  To contact us, feel free to send us and email or text.  You can also easily get hold of us by phone.  If we are unable to take your call, it is probably because we are out on the water with other customers.  Please just leave a message and we will be sure to answer it as soon as we can.

If want to know where we are located, please check out the map below.  We are located at the south end of Palm Cove straight opposite all the cafes on Williams Esplanade.  To get to our location, please go along the Captain Cook  Highway.  When you arrive at Veivers Road, please make a turn and head down toward the corner right by the ocean.  Turn left into Williams Esplanade and you will see our big trailer in the corner car park by the sea.

We may not be at our trailere all the time, but we are usually there first thing in the morning (6:30 – 7:00am) for our kayak tours.  We are often there in the afternoons as well if it is a windy day (when its kiteboarding weather).