Rainforest Paddleboarding – 30 April 2017

Experience True Nature and Serenity

Conditions are just fantastic for the Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Adventure right now. We are really enjoying getting up into the thick of it and experiencing what we have right on our door step here in Cairns – Far North Queensland.

The Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Tour is for just about anyone.  Its so easy to learn paddleboarding this way.  Feel free to call me on 0413721999 if you are keen to get into it, or jump on the website and make a booking.

Happy paddling

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Palm Cove Activities – Check Out What’s Happening In Palm Cove

Palm Cove Activities – Check Out What’s Happening In Palm Cove

Palm Cove activities, there’s so much going on in this little town. Palm Cove has to be up there with one of the nicest beaches in the far north. Ever year it attracts people from all over the world to its beautiful beaches and amazing scenery.

Palm Cove activities

Palm Cove Activities  

I often get asked what activities are there to do in Palm Cove, so I’ve decided to write a blog with a few of the things there is on offer.

Palm Cove Activities And Tours

Here at Pacific Watersports we offer a range of different tours and lessons.

Kayak Tours

One of our most popular Palm Cove activities would have to be the Kayak Turtle tour. The Kayak turtle tour is a kayak tour to, and around the fringing reefs of Double Island. On the tour can can expect lots of marine life, caves, fish, snorkelling, amazing scenery and a real adventure. Check out this link to find out more about this tour.

Palm Cove activities

Paddle Boarding Tours Palm Cove

Another great Palm Cove activity is to jump on the Kuranda Rainforest adventure. This tour departs daily from Palm Cove and is a great option for those windy days. It really is suitable for everyone and a great way to also try a new sport. This tour is very relaxing and a great way to see the rainforest. Click here to make your booking.

Weather permitting, we also run a paddle boarding tour out to the beautiful Double Island. It’s a very similar tour to the kayak tour except on a stand up paddle board.

Palm Cove activities

Kitesurfing Palm Cove

Palm Cove is also one of Cairns’ top kitesurfing locations. The beach receives consistent trade winds from May to August. Pacific Watersports offer a range of different course option, lessons and equipment sales. A must try from those adrenaline junkies!

Palm Cove activities

Cafes, shops and restaurants

If you’re after shops, cafes and restaurants, then look no further than the south end of Palm Cove. There you will wind cafes and restaurants like Jack & Shanans, Chill Cafe and Portobellos. If you’re looking for clothes, then check out Buccaneers the local surf shop. These guys have a wide verity to suit everyone’s needs.

Our website


Paddle boarding tours cairns

Paddle boarding tours cairns

When it come to paddle boarding tours cairns, it is about as good as it gets. Stand up paddle boarding has exploded all over Cairns in the last few years. Here at Pacific watersports, we’ve been exploring the area on Stand up paddle boards since the very beginning. With the amazing reefs and rainforest to explore, there is no better way to explore than by stand up paddle board. Cairns really does set the standard.

Paddle boarding tours Cairns – where’s the best

Paddle boarding tours Cairns

Double Island, Palm Cove

Double Island is located about 25 minutes north of Cairns City, just offshore from Palm Cove. This place is bound to blow you mind. The surrounding reefs and marine life around Double Island is truly breathtaking.

Here at Pacific Watersports we have been exploring this Island for a number of years now and we still get just excited every time time we paddle board out there. You really do need an experienced guide though. We have pretty much snorkelled every square inch of the reef and know exactly where all the best sports are. Click this link to find out more about paddle boarding Double Island.

Kuranda Rainforest Adventure SUP

Every one loves exploring the rainforest and theres no better way than by paddle board. We start off with a basic introduction lesson on the riverbank, then we start the paddle up the river. There’s lush rainforest everywhere. In some Places the canopy completely covers the river. We then stop for some snacks and refreshments, a swim in the river or if you’re the adrenaline junkie type, have a go at going down the rapids. We then gently paddle back.

Paddle boarding tours Cairns

If you would like to book any of these tours, simply visit our website and book there or contact us by phone and book that way.


Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs – the ultimate inflatable SUP

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs – the ultimate inflatable SUP

Here at Pacific Watersports we have been using inflatable SUPs in our SUP school for a number of years now. We have tried a few different brands too but nothing compares to the Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs.

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs


The advantage of an inflatable board is you can really throw it around. You don’t have to worry about running into rocks, dropping them, hitting another SUPer or anything like that. They are great for all-round durability. But they are glued together, so living in the tropics you have to pick the right inflatable SUP and this is where the Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs come into it’s own. The quality is simply the best, nothing compares. They’re not made in China for a start. They have their own factory in Korea. We now only use the Red Paddle Co SUPs for our inflatable SUPs in our SUP school.

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

Red Paddle Co SUP prices

Don’t be fooled by these cheap inflatable SUPs you see on ebay, they simply won’t last. We have tried some of these cheaper brands in our school and some have lasted as little as a week. Red Paddle Co prices are around average for a premium brand, but they will last you a lifetime.

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

Where can I buy a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

We at pacific watersports are your local retailer for Cairns and FNQ. We sell new and second hand boards. We also have demo boards available to try or you can come along to our Kuranda Rainforest Adventure SUP. The Kuranda Rainforest Adventure SUP is perfect for beginners and experienced SUPers. For beginners you will learn the basics of SUPing on this tour and also you’ll see why inflatable SUPs are so great. For experienced you famed the tour extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

Well I hope this article gives you a bit of knowledge on inflatable SUPs. If you would like to try something from the Red Paddle Co SUP range, feel free to come on down to Palm Cove and give them a go, check out our website for more info or give us a bell.

Cairns Activities

Cairns Activities

Hey everyone, this blog is all about Cairns activities. Cairns is the ultimate when it come getting outdoors and having a good time. There are so many different activities to do in the area. We guarantee you will be wanting to come back for more!

In This blog we will give a bit of an insight to what there is to do in this beautiful part of the country.

In Cairns we have the Great Barrier Reef as our front yard and stunning rainforest as our back yard, meaning there are endless places to explore and so many different ways of doing it.


Cairns Activities – Stand up paddle boarding in Cairns


When it come to Cairns activities, stand up paddle boarding is definitely up there.Cairns is pretty much completely protected by the Great Barrier Reef, meaning we don’t get a lot of swell on our costal beaches. We do get a small wave from time to time though, which aren’t ideal for your standard surf board. The great thing about stand up paddle boards though is they can pretty much catch any wave. Not only are they good for catching waves, they are also amazing for cruising down our amazing rivers surrounded by rainforest. They are also a great way to explore the fringing reefs off Double Island, go snorkelling  or adventure through the mangroves. The big advantage of Stand up paddle boarding over a coral reef, is you get such a great view, meaning spotting marine life and different corals is easy. It’s also great fun, good for fitness and the perfect way to make new friends.

Cairns activities – Kitesurfing Cairns

Cairns activities

Cairns activities

Kitesurfing has exploded all over Cairns the last few years. Whether you’re at Palm Cove, Yorkeys Knob or Machans Beach, you will see the beautiful colours of the kites everywhere. Here at Pacific Watersports we are you local Palm Cove kite school. We offer lessons, gear sales, gear hire and advise on everything kitesurfing. Kiteboarding Cairns operates at Yorkeys knob offering the same services.

Cairns is world renowned for it’s kitesurfing. With perfect flat water lagoons all along the coast and a consistent long season, Cairns is the ultimate kitesurfing location.


Cairns activities – Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

The Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour is a great activity for the whole family.  Led by one of our experienced and knowledgable guides, Pacific Watersports will take you on an unforgettable morning around the breath taking Double Island.

Leaving just after sunrise (7am) we cruise across to the coral reef which surrounds Double Island.  Here we stop for a while and equipped with a snorkel and mask each, experience the majesty of the reef. The abundance of marine life around Double Island is phenomenal. You really have to see it to believe it.  Turtles, rays, reef sharks and fish of all colours and sizes dwell here, and during our Double island Kayak Turtle Tour you get to spend time with them in their natural habitat.

After our snorkel, we continue our Kayak adventure around to the other side of the Island, where we stop for a rest and a bite to eat and if the tides right, enter Double Island’s Cave.

Out of all the Cairn’s activities, this is the one that you can’t afford to miss!


Cairn’s Activities – SUP Yoga (Yoga on a Paddle Board!)

Cairns activities

Yep, that’s right. Yoga, whilst trying to balance on a Paddle board!

Now this really is an activity you have to try when you are in Cairns!

Pacific Watersports has teamed up with Hartig Yoga to bring Cairns this amazing new phenomenon.  Practicing yoga on a paddle board brings a whole new dimension to your practice.  Asanas (postures) that you are used to practicing on land become a whole lot harder!

Sup Yoga requires more focus, more stabilisation and more core strength than yoga on the land, which makes for a good and fun work out for your body.  But as well as increased strength and intensity, yoga on a paddle board offers deeper relaxation.  Relaxing and surrendering into the practice becomes a whole lot easier when floating on a pool of water.

A must try!

Well I hope is blog is of some help to you during your stay in our beautiful city. If you would like to know more about the above activities, just give us a bell or shoot us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.




3 Cool Things To Do In Cairns WIth Pacific Watersports

3 Cool Things To Do In Cairns WIth Pacific Watersports

Awesome things to do in Cairns
Things to do in Cairns - Rainforest Paddling

So you’ve rocked up to Cairns for a few days and wanna do cool stuff? Maybe you live here and wanna try a new experience? Whatever you situation, I have come up with 3 groovy things to do in Cairns that we have right here at Pacific Watersports.

Im Looking for things to do in Cairns.  What makes Pacific Watersports the right choice?

Pacific Watersports is Family Run

For a start off, all Pacific Water Sports tours are family run.  Thats right, its a family operated business, so its got that real down to earth vie about it. Father – Andy and Son – Luke flow together to make sure everything thing is just down right awesome for people who try these things to do. Not only that, Luke’s Partner and all round lovely lady Beth adds to the mix to offer awesome Yoga and SUP Yoga classes.

Pacific Watersports Has An Awesome Team of Helpers

Secondly – Pacific Watersports has a great team of helpers.  Mother and Son – Sunny and Keanu are just great.  They have been with the team now for over 4 years and are fantastic.  They are passionate about watersports and always there to help out.

Here's The Things To Do

Kayak Turtle Tours

Of all the things to do in Cairns, the Kayak Turtle Tours are a real treat.  The team sets off at 7am each morning and is shortly out on the the Double Island Coral Reef.  This is officially the closest coral reef to the Cairns Northern Beaches.  Once there, the exploring commences.  Everyone has their eyes peeled for turtles and other marine life.

The tour also involves, exploring the island mangroves in the kayaks, entering the limestone cave with the kayaks (tide dependant) and chilling out on the secluded shoreline and enjoying delicious local tropical fruits.

The Kayak Turtle Tour requires an average level of fitness.  That said, people from all walks of life and from 8 years old right through to active senior people all get out there and love the experience.

Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Adventures

The Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Adventure is a mega treat.  Pacific Watersports pick everyone up and head up into the Upper Barron River in the lush Atherton Tablelands.  This place is truly amazing.  Surrounded by lush jungle and paddling through calm smooth waters.

The experience is truly unique, and the team take you to places that are right off the grid.

Kitesurfing at Palm Cove

It cannot be denied, Kitesurfing is an exhilarating sport, perfect to suit any adrenaline junky.  The team at Pacific Watersports have this sport dialed.  Andy and Luke are professional instructors that get you out there experiencing the power of a kitesurfing kite right from the very first lesson. Kitesurfing is the perfect sport to learn when the strong trade winds kick in at Palm Cove through the cooler months.