Hey everyone, this blog is all about Cairns activities. Cairns is the ultimate when it come getting outdoors and having a good time. There are so many different activities to do in the area. We guarantee you will be wanting to come back for more!

In This blog we will give a bit of an insight to what there is to do in this beautiful part of the country.

In Cairns we have the Great Barrier Reef as our front yard and stunning rainforest as our back yard, meaning there are endless places to explore and so many different ways of doing it.


Cairns Activities – Stand up paddle boarding in Cairns


When it come to Cairns activities, stand up paddle boarding is definitely up there.Cairns is pretty much completely protected by the Great Barrier Reef, meaning we don’t get a lot of swell on our costal beaches. We do get a small wave from time to time though, which aren’t ideal for your standard surf board. The great thing about stand up paddle boards though is they can pretty much catch any wave. Not only are they good for catching waves, they are also amazing for cruising down our amazing rivers surrounded by rainforest. They are also a great way to explore the fringing reefs off Double Island, go snorkelling  or adventure through the mangroves. The big advantage of Stand up paddle boarding over a coral reef, is you get such a great view, meaning spotting marine life and different corals is easy. It’s also great fun, good for fitness and the perfect way to make new friends.

Cairns activities – Kitesurfing Cairns

Cairns activities

Cairns activities

Kitesurfing has exploded all over Cairns the last few years. Whether you’re at Palm Cove, Yorkeys Knob or Machans Beach, you will see the beautiful colours of the kites everywhere. Here at Pacific Watersports we are you local Palm Cove kite school. We offer lessons, gear sales, gear hire and advise on everything kitesurfing. Kiteboarding Cairns operates at Yorkeys knob offering the same services.

Cairns is world renowned for it’s kitesurfing. With perfect flat water lagoons all along the coast and a consistent long season, Cairns is the ultimate kitesurfing location.


Cairns activities – Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

The Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour is a great activity for the whole family.  Led by one of our experienced and knowledgable guides, Pacific Watersports will take you on an unforgettable morning around the breath taking Double Island.

Leaving just after sunrise (7am) we cruise across to the coral reef which surrounds Double Island.  Here we stop for a while and equipped with a snorkel and mask each, experience the majesty of the reef. The abundance of marine life around Double Island is phenomenal. You really have to see it to believe it.  Turtles, rays, reef sharks and fish of all colours and sizes dwell here, and during our Double island Kayak Turtle Tour you get to spend time with them in their natural habitat.

After our snorkel, we continue our Kayak adventure around to the other side of the Island, where we stop for a rest and a bite to eat and if the tides right, enter Double Island’s Cave.

Out of all the Cairn’s activities, this is the one that you can’t afford to miss!


Cairn’s Activities – SUP Yoga (Yoga on a Paddle Board!)

Cairns activities

Yep, that’s right. Yoga, whilst trying to balance on a Paddle board!

Now this really is an activity you have to try when you are in Cairns!

Pacific Watersports has teamed up with Hartig Yoga to bring Cairns this amazing new phenomenon.  Practicing yoga on a paddle board brings a whole new dimension to your practice.  Asanas (postures) that you are used to practicing on land become a whole lot harder!

Sup Yoga requires more focus, more stabilisation and more core strength than yoga on the land, which makes for a good and fun work out for your body.  But as well as increased strength and intensity, yoga on a paddle board offers deeper relaxation.  Relaxing and surrendering into the practice becomes a whole lot easier when floating on a pool of water.

A must try!

Well I hope is blog is of some help to you during your stay in our beautiful city. If you would like to know more about the above activities, just give us a bell or shoot us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.