Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns

Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns

Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns 

Always wanted to learn Kiteboarding? Cairns is the perfect spot to learn this incredible sport.  Here at Pacific Watersports, we are passionate about Kiteboarding and teaching as many people as possible to become independent riders. 

What’s the best season for Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns?

The best time of the year to come to Cairns to learn Kiteboarding is April – November. In our cooler months (but still 25 degree c days!) we get pretty consistent southeasterly trade winds, usually in the afternoons, but sometimes they will start blowing in the late morning.  
 Kiteboarding Lessons Cairns

At which locations do you teach Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns?

We teach Kiteboarding at 3 different locations in Cairns.  
1) Yorkeys Knob
An awesome spot to learn to Kitesurf.  Yorkey’s Knob is a beach suburb just north of Cairns City.  It is probably the most popular spot for locals to go kiteboarding and there are sure to be a few people out on a windy day at Yorkeys Knob.  Here there is plenty of space on the beach front to learn how to fly the kite safely and some cool shallow flat water spots to practice on when we first introduce the board to you.  There is a great kiting community vibe down at Yorkeys Knob, so be sure to check it out.

2) Palm Cove Beach

Another amazing spot to learn kiteboarding in Cairns is Palm Cove beach.  Palm Cove is a beach suburb a little bit further north of Cairns City than Yorkeys Knob.  With its palm fringed golden sandy beaches and warm waters, it’s easy to see why this beach is considered Cairns’ most beautiful.  We teach kiteboarding at the south end of Palm Cove Beach, away from sunbakers and swimmers.  Palm Cove also has a great community of Kite surfers and is our favourite spot to Kite in our free time.

3) Double Island

Double Island is about 1km from Palm Cove beach and is our newest spot to teach Kiteboarding.  We take our students out to Double Island on our boat from Palm Cove Beach.  The conditions are perfect for learning to kiteboard.  Depending on wind direction, the wind is much more consistent at Double Island than at Yorkeys Knob or Palm Cove.  Because it sits 1km out from the coast, the wind isn’t obstructed by anything and we can usually take lessons there even in lighter winds.  A sandbar is revealed during a lower tide, which is perfect for us to launch our kites from.  The flat water lagoons around the island are perfect for when we first introduce the board to you (usually in your 2nd lesson)

Kiteboarding Yorkeys Knob


What Kiteboarding Lessons do you offer in Cairns?

We have 3 different options when taking Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns-

1) 2 Hour Private Lesson.  

Prices start at just $189.  Perfect for complete beginners, or for those with some experience that just want to refine their technique.  For complete beginners, we often recommend 2 x 2-hour private lessons.  After the 4 hours, you will be well on your way to becoming an independent kiteboarder.  Some people with previous board sport or windsurfing experience may take even less time to become independent.  
Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your options so we can tailor your lessons to suit you.


2) Kiteboarding Group Lesson

Want to learn Kiteboarding in Cairns with your partner or friends? A group lesson may be the perfect option for you all!  In this group lesson, we spend 4 hours learning the skills and techniques required to be independent kiteboarders, with plenty of time for you to play around on the water together.
prices start from $250.


3) One Hour Teaser.

Not sure if this is the spot for you, but want to give it a try? This could be the perfect kiteboarding lesson for you.  In this one hour lesson, we offer you the perfect introduction to kiteboarding, working at your own pace.  
Prices start from $100.


Are you an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) registered Kiteboarding School?

Yes, we are! We are an IKO registered Kiteboarding School which means all of our instructors are trained to the highest standard.  IKO is the certification for quality in the Kiteboarding world, so make sure that the school that you are learning to Kitesurf is an IKO affiliated centre. 
Now.. the final step towards becoming an independent kiteboarder is BOOK A LESSON WITH PACIFIC WATERSPORTS!
Palm Cove Watersports

Palm Cove Watersports

The Best Of Palm Cove Watersports


Palm Cove, Cairns Northern Beaches

Palm Cove is one of Cairns’ Northern Beaches and is arguably the most beautiful. Many people come to Palm Cove to escape the cooler winter months down South, as being in the tropics, we have warm weather all year round.  
And what do you do when you find yourself holidaying in a paradise beach town? Water Sports of course!
Here at Pacific Water Sports, we have been providing Palm Cove Watersports to locals and visitors since 2012.  Water Sports are our passion. When we aren’t working in the water by providing awesome beach activities, teaching kite surfing and running tours to Double Island and the Rainforest, we are playing in the water ourselves!
 Palm Cove Watersports

What Palm Cove Watersports do we offer?

1) Kayak tours

We have 2 awesome kayak tours running daily in Palm Cove, our Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour and our Island Hopping Tour.
Our Double Island Tour leaves at 7 am and we return back to Palm Cove Beach at 10.30am.  During the tour, we cruise over to Double Island on our kayaks (it takes about 25 minutes of paddling).  Just in front of Double Island is a beautiful coral reef.  As we paddle over the reef, we look for turtles and other marine life (reef sharks, rays and dolphins are some of the animals we see!).  We then paddle around the back of Double Island and have some snacks (provided by us) on a beautiful secluded beach.  After our rest, we explore Double Island’s secret cave- also on our kayaks! After a beautiful morning exploring this incredible island, we paddle back to Palm Cove.
Our Island Hopping Tour leaves at 8 am and returns at 1 pm.  This tour is perfect for those who want to stay out on the water a little bit longer, and see more of Double Island AND explore Haycock Island (the small Island next to Double Island) AND have more time to snorkel and relax.  On this tour, we do everything that we do on the Kayak Turtle Tour (see above) but we have some time to snorkel over the Islands surrounding Reefs.  The reef is truly amazing and you can swim with many tropical fish and sea turtles.  We also pull up on Haycock Island – affectionately named ‘Scout’s Hat’ due to the way it looks!- and walk around the whole island.  Lunch is provided on this incredible Kayak Tour.
Watersports Palm Cove
You must try these Palm Cove Watersports if you are visiting the area!

2) Paddleboarding at Palm Cove Beach

The perfect activity for when you are having a ‘beach day’.  In between ice creams and beach naps, why not come and see us for a paddle boarding lesson?  A signature of the Palm Cove Water Sports, paddle boarding is a perfect activity for the whole family.
We can run one on one paddle boarding lessons, or group lessons.  Get in touch with us to book a spot.  We would recommend trying a sunrise lesson- watching the sunrise over the sea is such a beautiful way to start the day.
Paddleboarding Palm Cove

3) Kitesurfing Lessons

Another amazing Palm Cove Watersport to try- Kiteboarding!  A great water sport to try whatever your age- we have taught 11-year-olds to 65-year-olds! So long as you have a sense of adventure and love getting out on the water, this sport is worth a try.
We teach Kite surfing at Palm Cove Beach, Yorkey’s Knob and Double Island.
Palm Cove Watersports

4)  Rainforest Paddleboarding

Although this water sport isn’t in Palm Cove, we offer to pick up from Palm Cove and will take you up to our amazing Rainforest river spot in Kuranda (it’s about a 40-minute drive).  This Rainforest Paddleboarding Tour really is suitable for the whole family.  We spend 2.5 hours on the water, cruising down the river, through the rainforest, on our paddle boards. The great thing about this water sport is everybody can do it.  Whether you are 75 (yes we have had 75-year-olds on this tour) or 7, everybody feels comfortable with the pace of this incredible tour.
Pick up is at 1 pm from Palm Cove and drop off back to Palm Cove is at around 5 pm.
Paddleboarding Cairns
So come on down and try some Palm Cove Watersports with Pacific Watersports!
Things To Do In Palm Cove

Things To Do In Palm Cove

Things to do in Palm Cove, Cairns


Palm Cove is one of the top holiday destinations of Far North Queensland.  And with its pristine palm-fringed beaches and clear waters, it’s easy to see why!  In this article, we will share with you some of the best things to do in Palm Cove, whether you are a local seeking adventure, or visiting our tropical paradise.

Things to do Palm Cove

Palm Cove sunrise

Top 6 Things To Do In Palm Cove

1) Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

Here at Pacific Watersports, we offer an amazing tour for adults and children alike, to Double Island.  Double Island is a stunning tropical island 1km off the coast of Palm Cove.  It’s a 25-minute paddle on our kayaks out to Haycock Reef- an amazing area of Coral Reef which sits to the south of Double Island.  Here we slow down our paddle and observe the sea life through the clear waters below.  We nearly always see Green Turtles or Hawksbill Turtles (see our Turtle blog for more info about these amazing creatures!) and often see small reef sharks, rays, all sorts of colourful fish and if you are really lucky… Dolphins!!  

The tour lasts for 3 and a half hours, departing Palm Cove at 7 am daily, and returning at around 10.30am.

For more information, and to book a place at a Kayak Turtle Tour with Pacific Watersports, click here.

Things to do in Palm Cove

2) Island Hopping Tour

Our Island Hopping Tour is the perfect tour for those that want to be out on the water a little longer!

This is another Kayak Tour that we offer here at Pacific Watersports and is the perfect activity for those with a sense of adventure.   Lasting 6 hours, on this tour we visit Haycock Island (a.k.a. Scout’s Hat- the small island next to Double Island) and explore its beaches and surrounding reef.  We do some snorkelling, turtle spotting, explore the cave on Double Island and pull up on some of Double Island’s secluded beaches for a lunch break (lunch is provided).

The Tour starts at 8 am daily, and we return to Palm Cove at around 2 pm.  

For more information and to book a place on an Island Hopping Tour, click here.

Kayak Turtle Tour

3) Rainforest Paddleboarding Tour

Without a doubt, one of the most relaxing tours that you can do in the area.  Our Rainforest Paddleboarding Tour is actually in Kuranda (about a 35-minute drive from Palm Cove into the Rainforest), but we pick everyone up in Palm Cove (or from anywhere in the Cairns Area).

On this tour, we cruise down the Upper Barron River and through the Rainforest on our Paddleboards.  This really is an activity suited to the whole family- we recently had a 75-year-old do the tour and really enjoy it! Suitable for all ages, from kids to the older generations.  The smooth surface of the river makes it the perfect place to try Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time and the tour is down-stream, meaning you don’t need to work too hard to get moving!

Within this tour, we leave the main river and take a detour through a smaller river deep into the rainforest- a truly magical experience.  We also stop on a sandy bank for snacks (fruit, cake and juice provided) and a swim in the river.

If you are looking for things to do in Palm Cove that the whole family will enjoy and you haven’t been into the rainforest before- this is the tour for you!

For more information and to book a place on a Rainforest Paddleboarding Tour, click here.

Things to do in Palm Cove


4) Paddleboarding Lessons in Palm Cove.

If you fancy spending the day at the beach but want activities to do in between beach naps (!) why not come and try a Paddleboarding lesson with us at Pacific Watersports?  You can find us (and our trailer) at the very South end of the Palm Cove Esplanade (opposite Jack and Shanans and Portofino restaurants).  It’s usually best to book in for a lesson with us as it can get busy in the peak season, but you are also welcome to drop past and say Hi and see if we have a board available for you to play around on.

30 minute or 1-hour lessons are available. The perfect lazy day activity!

Paddleboarding lessons Palm Cove

5) Kitesurfing Lessons

Here in Palm Cove, we can get quite a lot of wind in the afternoons during our winter months (May-October).  But this doesn’t have to mean that you need to retreat from the beach… Learn to Kitesurf instead!!

We offer Kitesurfing Lessons on Palm Cove Beach, at Yorkey’s Knob and at Double Island.  The perfect activity for the adrenaline junkies in the family!  The first lesson is usually on the beach, learning how to fly the kite safely and with good control.  We then introduce the board and take your new kite skills onto the water!  We usually recommend 2 or 3 lessons if you are really serious about learning the sport and becoming independent on the water.  However, we also offer ‘taster’ lessons for those that want to see if this may be the sport for them, and group lessons if a few of your want to try Kitesurfing together.

So if you are looking for things to do in Palm cove when it’s windy, this is a great option for you!

For more information, and to book a Kitesurfing Lesson in Palm Cove, click here.

Kitesurfing Palm Cove

6) Beach and Poolside Yoga Classes

Hartig Yoga offers amazing yoga classes, for all levels, on Palm Cove Beachfront.  So if you are looking for things to do in Palm Cove in the mornings and early evenings, a beachfront yoga class may be right up your street.

Hartig Yoga’s Beach classes are held at the south end of the Palm Cove Esplanade, on the grassy beachfront area in front of Alamanda resort and NUNU restaurant.  The classes are multi-level, meaning everybody of every age, shape and fitness level is welcome to come- and is sure to get something out of it.  Practising yoga on a paradise beach front, under swaying palm trees is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a must try for tourists and locals alike.

For more information and to book a place at a class, click here.








4 Reasons Kitesurfing at Double Island is Amazing

4 Reasons Kitesurfing at Double Island is Amazing

Why Learn Kitesurfing at Double Island?

Here at Pacific Watersports, we have searched (on our kiteboards!) the coast of Far North Queensland for the best locations and conditions to learn to Kite Surf.  We are confident that we have found the creme de la creme of kitesurfing locations to teach our students at – Palm Cove Beach, Yorkey’s Knob and Double Island.
We are passionate about sharing this awesome sport with as many people as we can, and with these amazing locations, you are set to have a mind-blowing time as you learn to kiteboard with Pacific Watersports.
Double Island is our newest kiteboarding location, and in this article, we will explain to you why it is the one and only place to learn to Kite in FNQ. 
Double Island is 1km off the coast of Palm Cove, so we take our students over to the island by boat from Palm Cove beach.  It’s a beautiful place, fringed with coral reef and mangroves on the south side and beaches and caves to explore on the north side.  Kitesurfing at Double Island is truly amazing!
Kayak Turtle Tour

Drone image we took of Double Island.


Why is Double Island the perfect place to learn to kitesurf?


1) Wind Consistency

The wind is a lot more consistent- especially early in the season – May June and July.  Because it’s 1 km off the coast and the trade winds blow more from the south early in the season, we get cleaner, stronger and more consistent winds at Double Island than on the coast.  This makes it the perfect place to learn to kite.  Kitesurfing lessons don’t have to stop and start as they may have to on the coast when the wind changes direction slightly, meaning we get more continuous practice time.


2) Flat Water Lagoons

There are a lot of flat water lagoons around Double Island – perfect for beginners or people that want to practice freestyle kiteboarding.  These lagoons are created by the fringing coral reefs around Double Island.  Flatwater is much easier to work with when we are first introducing the board to our students, and they love the flat water spots surrounding Double Island.


3) World Class Scenery

It’s absolutely beautiful here. There are only a handful of spots on the planet where you can learn to Kite Surf amongst tropical islands and in beautiful warm waters.  The warm climate here in Far North Queensland means you only need to wear a thin wetsuit or ‘shortie’ in mid-winter! And the rest of the year you can get away with t-shirt and board shorts!   Surrounded by palm trees, golden sandy beaches and a year-round holiday vibe, Palm Cove and Double Island are the perfect places to learn to kitesurf. 


4) It’s part of the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.  How cool would it be to learn to kitesurf on the biggest coral reef in the world? On days without wind, you can snorkel in this spot and see amazing marine life- including turtles, rays and reef sharks.


Contact us and come and learn Kitesurfing at Double Island with us! You won’t regret it. 


Kitesurfing at Double Island

Turtle Spotting on a Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

Turtle Spotting on a Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

Kayak Turtle Tour

Here at Pacific Watersports, we offer 2 awesome adventure tours out to Double Island.  We have our Kayak Turtle Tour and our Island Hopping Tour.  Within both of these tours we go turtle spotting, spending time looking for these awesome sea creatures around Double Island Reef and Haycock Reef which run along the south side of Double Island.
There are two main species of turtle that can be found at Double Island, the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle.  In this blog article, we will share with you a little more information about these turtles, so you are full of cool facts before you come on a Kayak Turtle Tour or Island Hopping Tour with us!

Amazing Island Wildlife 

Green Turtles

Green Turtles are only 5cm long when they are born (how cute?!) but can grow to a whopping 1.5m in length.  Fully grown, they weigh between 65-130kgs, meaning they are the largest hard shell sea turtles in the ocean.
Although they are called Green Turtles, their shells come in many different colours – including green, olive, brown and even black.  Why are they called green turtles then? They are called ‘Green Turtles’ as they have a thin layer of green fat which lies underneath their shells.  It is thought to be green because of their vegetarian diet of sea grasses and seaweeds.  The green turtles feast of the sea grasses and sea weeds around Double Island, so we often see them as we are cruising over Double Island Reef.
Green Turtles can spend up to 5 hours at a time resting underneath the water.  When they are more active (travelling or feeding) they will come up for air every few minutes, which is when we usually spot them as we paddle over the reef in our kayaks to Double Island.  We usually see them popping their little heads up to take a breath, or cruising underneath the kayaks in the shallower waters of the reef.  Double Island Reef and Haycock Reef are the perfect environment for these turtles.  There is plenty of food here, and areas for them to seek shelter to rest.
Green turtles population has been greatly threatened in recent years and they are now considered an endangered species. Poaching, taking their eggs, fishing (turtles often get caught in the fishing nets), pollution and loss of beaches to nest on, have all contributed to the decline in Green turtle numbers.  
Kayak Turtle Tour

Beautiful Green Turtle

Here in Cairns we have the Cairns Turtle Rehab Centre which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles.  They rely completely on donations from supporters and volunteers, so if you would like to find out more and donate to this important cause, follow the link below.


Hawksbill Turtles

Hawksbill Turtles are named after the Hawk due to their beak-like pointed mouth. They use their beak to find food in the cracks and crevasses of coral.
Considered to be one of the smaller species, adult Hawksbill turtles weigh between 45-90kg
Hawksbill Turtles can be mostly found in shallow waters of coral reefs, mangroves, tropical islands and shallow coastal areas.  They have a very particular diet, pretty much exclusively eating sea sponges from coral reefs.  They are very important for the health of the Great Barrier Reef, as without their appetite for sea sponges, coral reef can become suffocated when the sponges grow too big. 
Hawksbill Turtles are now classed as being critically endangered.  Their beautiful speckled shells are used in products displaying ‘tortoise shell’ and many are killed every day.  Although it is now illegal to poach a Hawksbill turtle for its shell, many people still do it, and shells are sold on the black market.  We can help by not buying anything with tortoise shell, and spreading awareness of this problem.
It’s amazing that although they are both endangered species, they are flourishing at Double Island and we get the opportunity to spend time with these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.
Kayak Turtle Tour

The beak of the Hawksbill Turtle.

Our Kayak Tours leave daily.  Book Here!