Sunrise Kayak Tour in Palm cove

Sunrise Kayak Tour in Palm cove

Sunrise Kayak Tour in Palm Cove

Here at Pacific Watersports, we are delighted to offer you a brand new kayak tour– a sunrise kayak tour in palm cove.  On this tour, we kayak over to Double Island under the light of the rising sun. There is no better way to start the day!
Our sunrise kayak tour in Palm Cove will leave Palm Cove beach between 5.30am and 6.30am. (Depending on the time of year- in the winter the sun rises around 7 am, in the summer nearer 5.30am)

Things to do Palm Cove

Palm Cove sunrise


From Palm Cove Beach to Double Island

We start the tour at the very south end of the palm cove esplanade, just in front of the Pacific Watersports trailer.  Here we get everybody set up for the tour. We provide stinger suits and life jackets and make sure everyone has adequate sun protection for the tour.  We run through an introduction to kayaking on the beach, before setting off with the rising sun.
Paddling into the sunrise is such an amazing experience.  Usually, Palm Cove sunrises don’t disappoint- expect beautiful orange and pink skies as you cruise over to Double Island.

Exploring the Coral Reef

After a short paddle, we arrive at the coral reef which sits to the south of Double Island.  Here we explore the reef, looking at the abundance of sea life here.  We often spot turtles- green turtles and Hawksbill turtles, Rays and Reef Sharks.  We also explore the mangroves and tell you a little about the life that can be found in the Mangroves and the importance of Mangroves for the life of all ocean creatures.
Watersports Palm Cove 

Back to Palm Cove

Our Sunrise Kayak Tour in Palm Cove lasts for 2.5 hours.  after exploring the reef and the mangroves we cruise back to Palm Cove beach, right in time for a big hearty breakfast!
We hope to see you on our kayak tours very soon!
Watersports in Palm Cove

Watersports in Palm Cove

Pacific Watersports – The Home of Watersports in Palm Cove


Here at Pacific Watersports, it is our honour and privilege to offer you watersports in Palm Cove.  We are obsessed with getting out on the water ourselves because we know how great it makes us feel, and we want you all to experience it too!  Whether you come on a kayaking tour, take a kitesurfing lesson or try paddleboarding, we will help you to have fun on the water.


Watersports in Palm Cove- What do we offer?

We offer 4 awesome watersports experiences in Palm Cove. Whether you are here on holiday or are a local looking for adventure, we’ve got you covered!


Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

That’s right, TURTLE tour! On this Kayak tour, we head out to Double Island and look for Turtles.  There are many Green Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles hanging out around the coral reef just to the south of the island.  As we cruise over the reef on our kayaks, we look down through the clear blue shallow water and count the turtles as they pass underneath us.  Sometimes they pop their heads up to take a breath too! This is an incredible experience for the whole family and one of our most popular watersports in Palm Cove.

Double Island is just a short paddle from our base at the South end of Palm Cove beach.  After we have paddled over the reef, we go around the island, stopping on a beautiful secluded beach for drinks and snacks and a quick dip.  We then enter Double Islands secret cave, before heading back to the mainland.

Perfect for those that want to be out on the water for half a day.

Watersports in Palm Cove


Island Hopping Kayak Tour

We don’t just have Double Island within arms reach of Palm Cove… We also have Haycock Island (aka Scouts Hat).  Scout’s Hat is Double Island’s little brother and just sits slightly to the north of Double Island.

On our Island Hopping Tour, we do everything that you do on a Kayak Turtle Tour (above) AND we explore Scout’s hat by foot, spend time snorkelling around the islands and have a relaxing lunch over on the islands (provided).

Perfect watersports in Palm Cove for those that want to be out on the water for the whole day!


Cairns Watersports


Kitesurfing Lessons

Perfect for those who want to try adrenaline fuelled watersports in Palm Cove! 

Learn to fly with us! We will teach you how to become independent and confident riders here in paradise Palm Cove.  We take our lessons in 2 different locations, Yorkeys Knob and Palm Cove.  The Kiteboarding community in Palm Cove is awesome! If you are a local that has wanted to learn for a while, the support network available here will really help you to get comfortable with this sport quickly.


Kiteboarding Lesson Palm Cove


Paddleboarding Tours and Beach Lessons

Paddleboarding is the perfect activity for the whole family.  Whether you come on one of our Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Tours, or just take a paddleboarding lesson at the beach, you are sure to have an awesome time.  It doesn’t take long before everyone gets the hang of this awesome watersport activity.


Watersports in Palm Cove Beach


We hope to see you soon trying some watersports in Palm Cove!




Top 3 Cairns Adventures Not To Be Missed!

Top 3 Cairns Adventures Not To Be Missed!

Want to add some Cairns Adventures to your Bucket List?

Cairns, Far North Queensland is an incredible part of the world.  There is so much to do here, which is why so many people return here for their holidays time and time again.  The tropical climate of the Cairns area means we all spend a lot of time outdoors and Cairns Adventures are usually part of everybody’s experience in Far North Queensland.


Top 3 Cairns Adventures with Pacific Watersports


Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour

Join us for a morning kayak adventure to the magnificent Double Island.  Double Island is situated just 1km from the coast of Palm Cove.  Our Kayak Tours leave Palm Cove daily at 7 am (click here to book a spot!) and return at around 10.30 am.  

On our Kayak Turtle Tour, we paddle over to Double Island on our Kayaks (25-minute paddle) as a group.  To the south side of the island is some amazing coral reef, so we slow it down a bit here to look for some of the green turtles and hawksbill turtles that feed here.  We often see other marine wildlife too, including rays, reef sharks and a variety of different tropical fish.   We then continue our paddle around the back of the island, pulling up on a pristine and secluded tropical beach for some drinks and snacks (provided by us).  On our way back to the mainland we explore Double Islands secret cave and have plenty of time for taking great pictures.  This is one of the Cairns adventures not to be missed!


Cairns Adventures

Explore Tropical Islands


Island Hopping Tour

Another morning kayaking adventure not to be missed! On our Island Hopping Tour, we leave Palm Cove daily at 8 am and return at 1.30 pm.  In this tour, we explore double Island and the surrounding reef in much the same way as the Double Island Kayak Turtle Tour, but we also explore Haycock Island.  Haycock island is the small island that sits just to the south of Double Island.  Within this tour, we have more time for snorkelling over the reef, as well as exploring Haycock island by foot.

A perfect Cairns Adventure for the whole family! Exploring tropical islands… what is not to love?  Click here to find out more and book your spot.


Cairns Kayaking


Rainforest Paddleboarding Adventure 

Visiting the rainforest is a must when you are visiting Cairns.  Another of our Cairns Adventures not to be missed! 

Join us on a rainforest Paddleboarding adventure.  This tour usually operates in the afternoon (from around 2pm-5pm) and pick up is available from anywhere in Cairns should you need it.  We start the tour with an introduction to paddleboarding on the river bank, before jumping on our sups and cruising downstream.  The rivers gentle current carries us down, with minimal effort needed!  We travel down the river, observing the beautiful rainforest all around us.  This tour really is suitable for the whole family, from kids to seniors.  

Click here to find out more and to book your spot!


Cairns Adventures Paddleboarding

Chilling in the Rainforest


Any questions? Contact us and ask away!

Kuranda Tours Through The Rainforest

Kuranda Tours Through The Rainforest

Kuranda Tours with Pacific Watersports

Here at Pacific Watersports, we offer a number of different tours and watersport activities for the whole family- Kayaking, Kitesurfing and Paddleboarding.

In our Kuranda Tours, we combine our love for nature and adventure, with our love for paddleboarding and bring you our Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Adventure.


Kuranda Rainforest Paddleboarding Adventure

Whilst visiting the Cairns area, it is imperative that you spend some time in the Rainforest.  There are many beautiful Rainforest spots to explore across the region, one which lets us explore the rainforest whilst on a paddleboard!

Kuranda is just a 30-minute drive from where we operate from in Palm Cove.  We offer a pickup service from anywhere on the Cairns Northern Beaches or Cairns City, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the Rainforest!



What can I expect from Kuranda Tours with Pacific Watersports?

Our Kuranda Tours usually run in the afternoons and we start pickups usually at around 1 pm.  

We get out on the water by 2pm and spend 2 – 2.5 hours cruising down the Upper Barron River, dropping everyone off again at around 5pm.

We begin our Kuranda Tours on the river bank with a brief ‘intro to paddleboarding lesson’ from one of our team.  The intro lessons give complete beginners enough tips and pointers to get them started and offer some more techniques and pointers to people with some paddleboarding experience.

We then get out on the water, cruising downstream with the gentle flow on the river.  This makes the experience very relaxing, you don’t have to do very much! Some people think 2.5 hours paddleboarding would be exhausting… However, this isn’t the case. You can even sit down on your board and just go with the flow if you get tired.

Cruising down the river, surrounded by Rainforest… it’s pure bliss! It’s such a peaceful experience and something that everyone can do.  We’ve had kids as young as 7 on our tours and elders up to the age of 75! Absorbing the sounds of the forest and the water is a truly energising experience

During the tour, we take a short diversion off of the main river and even deeper in the rainforest.  Here we usually take a few minutes of silence and sit on our boards in the midst of it, enjoying all of the sounds of nature.  We also spend some time relaxing on the sandy river bank and have some drinks and snacks (provided by us) and cool of with a swim in the river.

Kuranda Tours with Pacific Watersports really are perfect for the whole family.



Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns

Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns

Unleash your Soul With Kiteboarding

Ready to make a life-changing commitment? Or just want to try out this super exciting and highly addictive watersport?


You’ve come to the right place.  Here at Pacific Watersports we have helped change the life of thousands of people by teaching them this amazing sport.


Always wanted to learn Kiteboarding? Cairns is the perfect spot to learn this incredible sport.  Here at Pacific Watersports, we are passionate about Kiteboarding and teaching as many people as possible to become independent riders.


Season for Kiteboarding Lessons in Cairns

The best time of the year to come to Cairns to learn Kiteboarding is April – November. In our cooler months (but still 25 degree c days!) we get pretty consistent southeasterly trade winds, usually in the afternoons, but sometimes they will start blowing in the late morning.

Our Location – Yorkeys Knob

An awesome spot to learn to Kitesurf.  Yorkey’s Knob is a beach suburb just north of Cairns City.  It is probably the most popular spot for locals to go kiteboarding and there are sure to be a few people out on a windy day at Yorkeys Knob.  Here there is plenty of space on the beach front to learn how to fly the kite safely and some cool shallow flat water spots to practice on when we first introduce the board to you.  There is a great kiting community vibe down at Yorkeys Knob, so be sure to check it out. All our lessons take place at Yorkeys Knob Beach.

Our Lessons

2 Hour Private Lesson. – $250

Perfect for complete beginners, or for those with some experience that just want to refine their technique.  For complete beginners, we often recommend 3 x 2-hour private lessons.  After the 6 hours, you will be well on your way to becoming an independent kiteboarder.  Some people with previous board sport or windsurfing experience may take even less time to become independent.
Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your options so we can tailor your lessons to suit you.
kiteboarding Australia
Kiteboarding Cairns Lessons


3 Hour Kiteboarding Group Lesson – $250

Want to learn Kiteboarding in Cairns with your partner or friends? A group lesson may be the perfect option for you all!  In this group lesson, we spend 3 hours learning the skills and techniques required to be independent kiteboarders, with plenty of time for you to play around on the water together.
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